Water Cisterns/Holding Tanks

For over 25 years, Alberta Wilbert Sales has offered 8-foot, 10-foot and 11-foot wide cylindrical cisterns and sewage holding tanks. All cylindrical cistern and holding tanks are manufactured with an upside down pour on the base, and right side up pour on the top. This process eliminates cold joint seems between top/bottom slab, and the side wall, providing a monolithic base and top. The base and top of each tank is then in turn sealed together utilizing a tongue-and- groove joint filled with a butyl rubber tape. The circular profile of the side walls is tapered towards the center of the tank, providing easier maintenance on both cistern and sewage-holding applications. Holding Tanks are manufactured with the Man Way entrance offset to one side, to allow easy access for vacuum trucks. Cistern tanks come with 2’ (2 feet) of Man Way access cast-in, to assist in diminishing ground water infiltration.

All cisterns bases are manufactured with galvanized lifting hook and 1 ¼” double female brass fittings. All cistern and holding tanks come with two 4” ABS couplings embedded on top, and have the option of having a 24” concrete or 24” ultra-rib PVC Man Way entrance.

***IMPORTANT***No tank should be left empty between the months of October and March; a minimum of one foot (1 foot) of fluid depth should be placed in the tank to prevent the ground under the tank from freezing and heaving, increasing the risk of cracking.