Specialized Precast/Municipal Products

Fiberglass Lift Stations

Orenco fiberglass basins are filament-wound fiberglass structures with a gelcoated external surface.  Manufactured in the following standard inside nominal diameters:

  • 24” (600 mm)
  • 30” (750 mm)
  • 36” (900 mm)
  • 48” (1200 mm)
  • 60” (1500 mm)
  • 72” (1800 mm)
  • 84” (2130 mm)
  • 96” (2440 mm)
  • 108” (2740 mm)
  • 120” (3050 mm)
  • 144” (3660 mm)

Each fiberglass basin manufactured to this specification shall conform to the following standards.

  • ASTM D 3753: Standard Specification for Glass –Fiber-Reinforced Polyester Manholes and Wet Wells
  • ASTM C 581: Standard Practice for Determining Chemical Resistance of Thermosetting Resins Used in Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Structures Intended for Liquid Service
  • ASTM C 2584: Standard Test Method for Ignition Loss of Cured Reinforced Resins
  • ASTM D 790: Standard Test Method for Flexural properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials
  • ASTM D 2583: Standard Test method for Indentation hardness of Rigid Plastics by Means of a Barcol Impressor
  • ASTM D 2563: Standard Practice for Classifying Visual Defects in Glass-Reinforced Plastic Laminate Parts

The basins are manufactured using fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, using grades of resin and fiberglass that are considered acceptable for use in the water and wastewater environment.  Resin fillers are not used and reinforcing materials shall be commercial grade of E-type glass fibers in the form of mat, continuous roving, chopped roving or roving fabric.  A coupling agent is used to provide a suitable bond between the glass reinforcement and the resin. 

Vertical shell walls are manufactured using a helical winding process.  The interior surface shall be a resin rich layer of fiberglass or organic surface veil. 

Base and top flange shall be molded using RTM, vacuum-bagging, or other closed-molded process.  Base and top flange are bonded to basins with a suitable structural adhesive or with a polyester resin and fiberglass fiber reinforcement.  Bases are manufactured with an integrally molded antifloatation flange whose outside diameter is a minimum of 6 inches (152 mm) larger than the diameter of the shell wall. 

Basin covers can be of a close-molded fiberglass cover or of an aluminum/steel cover.  Basin bottoms are to have no more than a 3/8-inch (9.53mm) deflection when buried in completely saturated conditions and tops shall be capable of supporting 300 lb/ft2 (1464 kg/m2) live load. 

Basins come with a 5 year warranty from Orenco on materials and workmanship.