Specialized Precast/Municipal Products

Effluent Sewers

Orenco’s effluent sewers have been helping communities and developers that struggle with wastewater collection and treatment issues.  In many locations conventional gravity sewers are too costly and are often not watertight.  So their overflow can contaminate river, bays, oceans and other water sources. 

Watertight effluent sewers are becoming recognized as one of the best solutions for collecting wastewater and transporting it to a treatment facility.  These sewer systems are compatible with existing wastewater infrastructure, can take the burden off maxed out municipal systems and are monitored and controlled with telemetry panels that provide the ability of SCADA with an affordable price. 

When compared to other alternatives, such as grinder systems, Orenco effluent sewers are relatively free of grease, oils, and solids. This means the pumps and collection lines require less maintenance and require less costly treatment.  For these reasons communities that are utilizing Orenco’s effluent sewers enjoy system-wide long term savings. 

How Orenco Effluent Sewers Work

Raw sewage flows from the house or business into a watertight underground tank, where it becomes pretreated.  Only filtered effluent liquid is discharged (either by Pump or gravity) through the service lines to a treatment system.  The service lines are small diameter collection lines that follow the contour of the land.  The solids remain in the underground tank, for passive, natural treatment.  These tanks typically need to be pumped out only once every 10 to 12 years. 

High quality, filtered effluent from effluent sewers is ideal for use with a low cost, low maintenance treatment system, much like Orenco’s Advantex AX100.  From here it can be reused for irrigation or other kinds of beneficial reuse.  The treatment plant can be sized up to 90% smaller than other collection technologies because there is no infiltration or solids to contend with.  This results in a reduction in cost with equipment, installation and operation. 

Orenco’s effluent sewers reduce short term and long timer wastewater treatment cost.  Savings are seen on equipment and labour cost, operation and maintenance and treatment cost.  Collection lines can be buried just below the frost line to reduce excavation cost.  Small diameter collection lines are used, which are inexpensive and readily available, manholes and lift stations are eliminated, installation time is reduced, less disruptions to communities, ease of installation makes systems well suited for community “self-help” programs, a majority of the equipment is not purchased until lots are developed (deferring cost).  Savings on operation and maintenance is see through low maintenance, 24 hour backup storage in on-lot tanks reducing emergency calls/overtime cost, homeowners pay less than $1/month in energy cost for pumps, and residential tanks typically just need  to be pumped out once every 10 to 12 years.  Treatment cost is reduced because of low cost treatment systems, less costly permitting and testing, treatment facilities can be sized economically, no need to allow for the infiltration and inflow from high storm water flows or ground water. 

ProSTEP Pump Package

Orenco’s ProSTEP package is the ideal package for STEP/STEG systems.  Each package is a fully integrated package, composed of seven components (Biotube pump vault, splice box, manhole risers and lids, float switch assembly, discharge assembly, effluent pump, and control panel).  There is no need to shop around for parts or pieces, all the equipment is lightweight, comes preassembled, and installs neatly into our precast concrete septic tanks. 

Biotube pump vaults

  • Comes in standard and custom heights
  • Handle assembly aids removal of filter cartridge
  • Filter goes longer between cleaning than other brands
  • Flow inducer accommodates one or two pumps
  • Removable float stem keeps floats in proper positions

Splice Box

  • Protects splices
  • Easy to access
  • Meets NEC requirements
  • Corrosion-proof

Manhole risers and lids

  • Allows easy access to the tanks
  • Attractive, non-skid lids
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Tamper resistant
  • Custom lid imprinting available

Float switch assembly

  • Provides level control
  • Quick release stem
  • Adjustable float collars
  • Variety of floats, float arrangements

Effluent pump

  • Life of 25 plus years with routine cleaning
  • Last 3-4 times longer than conventional effluent pumps
  • Minimum 24 hour run dry capability
  • East to service in the field
  • Light weight (approximately 25 lbs.)
  • Non-corroding stainless steel construction
  • UL and CSA listing for wastewater applications
  • A variety of pump power/sizes available; low power cost
  • Five year warranty

Discharge assembly

  • Flexible design eliminates “hard plumbing”
  • Quick disconnect unions, ball valves
  • Available for special situations (cold weather, deep bury, etc.)
  • Provides easy access

Control panel

  • Engineered specifically for wastewater applications
  • Highest quality “touch safe” components, NEMA 4X-rated enclosures
  • “mart” digital programmable panel and telemetry panels available
  • UL and UL-C listed; standard configurations available to meet requirements of NEC Class I, Division 1 or 2
  • Three year warranty