Specialized Precast/Municipal Products

Orenco AX Mobile

Orenco’s Advantex technology has provided reliable, energy-efficient wastewater treatment in some of the world’s most remote places.  Some applications of the AX Mobile units are in remote sanitation, work camps and marine facilities, military installations, emergency sanitation, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, temporary flow diversion, off-line situations, seasonal flow increases.  With the AX Mobile, Orenco is able to offer a portable Advantex treatment solution for all your wastewater needs. 

The AX Mobile treatment system is completely pre-packaged and built inside a durable, insulated fiberglass tank that provides easy shipping and set up.  Each unit can be shipped by truck, rail, cargo container or aircraft.  Tanks range from 14 foot up to 42 foot (4.3 meters to 12.8 meters) long and can be installed singly, serving 75-100 people or in multiple tank arrangements, serving 3000 people or more.  The system is installed above ground so it can be used a temporarily solution and then be relocated as needed. 

The AX Mobile is pre-plumbed and easy to install.  All the treatment media, pump and controls are all included.  There is also optional equipment available for reducing solids or meeting more stringent permit limits (such as UV disinfection units). With all the units included in this package the AX Mobile is able to meet tight deadlines. 

These self-contained, fully plumbed treatment plants utilizes Advantex textile sheets in a packed bed media filter that can treat blackwater and greywater to a level where effluent can be re-used for surface or subsurface irrigation or dust controls (as regulations permit).  High quality, low horsepower pumps micro-dose the treatment media at regular intervals and proprietary spin nozzles efficiently distribute the effluent, optimizing treatment.  The remote telemetry control panel for the AX Mobile treatment systems is typically installed on the end of the each unit and is pre-wired. 

For more information regarding the AX Mobile treatment plant please contact us.