Specialized Precast/Municipal Products

Orenco AX Max

The AX Max is one of Orenco’s newest products.  It is a completely – integrated, fully plumbed, compact wastewater treatment plant.  These units are ideal for commercial properties and communities with strict discharge limits, limited budgets and part time operators. 

The AX Max is a recirculating media filter that is capable of producing excellent effluent quality that is suitable for reuse, with significant nutrient removal.  These systems are energy efficient utilizing less than 2 kWh per 1000 treated gallons (3.785 cubic meters).  When being compared to other conventional technologies they require minimal operation and maintenance. 

Fixtures within the AX Max are all pre-plumbed and ready to install, thus being able to meet tight deadlines.  The entire system is built inside of an insulated fiberglass tank.  Sizes range from 14 foot to 42 foot (4.3 meters – 12.8 meters) in length.  They are versatile units that can be installed above ground in temporary or variable flow situations or installed in ground.  Orenco’s AX Max units can be installed individually or in multi-tank arrays allowing for treatment of up to 1 MGD (3800 cubic meters per day).

AX Max units features the Advantex textile treatment medium which is easy to clean and is able to handle load rates as high as 50 gallons per day per square feet (2000 Liters per day per square meter). Operating off of high quality, low horsepower pumps micro-doses the treatment media at regular intervals.  Optimal treatment is achieved by having the effluent distributed efficiently thru proprietary spin nozzles.  Telemetry enabled control panels allow constant monitoring and real time controls by utilizing a dedicated phone line or ethernet connection. 

AX Max systems have been installed in areas all over the globe, from resorts in New Zealand to hospitals in Africa.  The AX Max is ideal of all conditions.  For more information regarding Orenco’s AX Max treatment system please contact us.