Specialized Precast/Municipal Products

Orenco AX 100

The AX100 Advantex treatment system offers all the benefits of Orenco’s residential line to the commercial market.  Some of the benefits of the AX100 Advantex treatment system are consistent and reliable treatment under peak flows, compact package providing a small footprint for small sites, pre-manufactured package for quality control, low maintenance and life cycle cost, and the production of clear and odorless effluent that ideal for reuse.  The patented Advantex treatment system has the ability to make raw sewage up to 98% cleaner, meeting stringent regulatory requirements. 

The Advantex textile media uses a highly efficient and lightweight textile that has a large surface area, lots of void space and a high degree of water holding capacity.  This engineered textile is easily serviceable and allows a loading rate up to 50 gallons per day per square feet (2000 liters per day per square meter).  This is ideal for commercial and multi-family flows in a very compact space. 

High quality, low horse power pumps microdose the effluent at regular intervals.  Providing a “green” wastewater solution that is energy efficient (utilizes less than 2 kWh/1000 US gallon for secondary treatment) that produces re-use quality effluent, earning LEED credits for your next project.  The pump effluent is then distributed efficiently by proprietary spin nozzles, which optimizes the treatment process. 

Since 2000 approximately 3000 commercial-sized AX100 units have been installed and are currently in operation.  For more information on the AX100 unit please contact us.