Septic Tanks


Orenco’s AX20 Advantex treatment system is the ideal solution for environmentally sustainable treatment of residential wastewater flows.  The AX20 Advantex treatment system are great for installations on small sites, by homeowners who want more use of their yard, for failing systems, poor soil conditions, nitrogen reduction, environmentally sensitive sites, stringent treatment standards and pre-treatment of moderately high wastewater strength.  Capable of generating raw wastewater up to 98% cleaner and consistently producing effluent in the 5 mg/L for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)and 5 mg/L total suspended solids (TSS).  Processing and discharging small amounts of treated wastewater throughout the day produces wastewater so clean it can be reused for drip or subsurface irrigation or discharged to shallow, inconspicuous trenches.  Under real world conditions the Advantex AX20 is able to provide consistent and reliable treatment. 

With the treatment system packaged in a small 7.5ft x 3ft x 2.5ft (2286 mm x 914 mm x 762 mm) fiberglass container, these units can be hidden under a deck or can be placed on top of the processing tank; providing a small compact footprint. 

Typically the Advantex AX20 treatment system may have a higher capital cost when compared to other systems but due to the low maintenance requirements in the long run they cost much less over time.  Power cost, pumping cost, and equipment replacement cost are a fraction of the cost of those of other technologies. 

Orenco’s AX20 Advantex treatment system gives everyone peace of mind.  We ensure that Advantex treatment systems are set in place by trained installers, following Orenco’s instructions.  Like any other technology the Advantex system benefits from regular maintenance by a trained service provider.  Field maintenance report forms are then digitally archived for future reference.  An easy to clean and easy to service treatment system results in low routine maintenance cost.  Little power consumption makes the AX20 treatment system an option to highly consider.  An average of $1.75 to $2.00 per month of power consumption when compared to the average power cost of $30.00 to $60.00 per month for many “activated sludge” aerobic treatment systems.  (Based on an average of ten cents per kilowatt-hour)  All systems are sized to allow a minimum of 24 hours of wastewater storage, at average daily flows.  This offers “emergency” service during normal working hours, keeping cost down. 

Currently in Alberta there are over 500 Advantex treatment systems installed.  With winters in Alberta being as low as -39°c (-38°F).  Orenco’s Advantex AX20 treatment system continues treat wastewater through the cold winter seasons.   Proving to be a reliable wastewater treatment system.

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