Septic Tanks

Splice Boxes

Used to safely house spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and equipment such as pumps and float switches.   Splice boxes are available in both external and internal applications. 

Internal PVC splice boxes are available in 1watertight cord grips up to 6 watertight cord grips.  1 to 4 watertight cord grip splice boxes connects to a ¾” diameter conduit, while 5 and 6 watertight cord grip splice boxes connects to a 1” diameter conduit. 

External splice boxes attaches outside the riser of an underground tank and is completely waterproof.  Engineered specifically for pressurized water and wastewater treatment systems.  It is UL listed and especially suited for use in locations prone to high ground water and other wet conditions.  External splice boxes allow for more equipment or increased working room in the riser.  External splice boxes include a 4” grommet.