Septic Tanks

Pump Vaults

Pump vaults are used to transport filtered effluent from septic tanks or dosing tanks in effluent pumping systems.  They are critical component of individual onsite systems and effluent sewer collection systems.  Pump vaults house a Biotube effluent filter and one (simplex) or two (duplex) high head effluent pump.  They can be used in single compartment septic tanks with flows up to 40 gallons per minute.  For flows greater than 40 gallons per minute a two-compartment septic tank or a separate dosing tank is recommended.  Pump vaults come in 12 inch in diameter and each pump vault comes with a Biotube filter cartridge, vault housing, support pipes and float bracket to hold the float assembly.  Custom lengths can be produced. 
For more information on standard pump vaults or custom lengths please contact us.