Septic Tanks

EasyPak Packages

The EasyPak Package is a complete and ready to install pump package in a box.  These packages are a great application for residential septic systems that eliminate the use of the “pump on a block” system.  The EasyPak Package provides faster installations with fewer errors, fewer call-backs and at a comparable price to a low head cast iron pump.  The EasyPak includes three built-in biotube filter cartridges that prevent solids from clogging drainfields or other down stream components, a long lasting, high performance 4” turbine pump.  All EasyPak packages come with a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship from the date of manufacture.  All EasyPak Vaults are a low profile design (15” high).  Which allows pumping to nearly the bottom of the tank.  Offered for demand-does and time dose packages.