Septic Tanks

Control Panels

Our control panels are designed and manufactured for the water handling and wastewater industries.   With an understanding of what is important to designers, engineers, and system operators, a wide range of control panels are available.  Our control panels can be simple alarms, standard (electromechanical) panels, MVP (digital programmable) panels, VCOM remote telemetry panels with VeriComm web-based monitoring, or TCOM remote telemetry panels with real time connectivity.  Custom control panels are available as well.  All panels include touch safe controls, 3 years warranty, UL-type 4X rating for wet locations (NEMA4X) and UL, UL-C listing.  Standard control panels, remote telemetry panels, web-based monitoring systems and customized panels are unmatched in the industry.  For more information regarding control panels, customized control panel, and different options available with the control panels please contact us.