Septic Tanks

Alberta Wilbert Sales septic tanks are known for having one of three features: the Waffle Design on our rectangular tanks; our superior and well-known Rinktop Design; or our round 3-Chambered T-Tank.

The Waffle Design allows the tanks to be lighter and stronger than standard rectangular tanks.

The Rinktop Design eliminates the common 90 degree corners on septic tanks, resulting in the reduction of sludge build-up in the corners, making maintenance and cleaning easier. In addition, Rinktop tanks have a long and narrow design which allows for better linear flow in the working chamber, allowing the heavy solids to accumulate at the bottom of the tank.

The round 3-Chambered T-tanks utilize the meandering principle, providing superior effluent treatment through additional sewage travel. T-Tanks also assist in retaining heat, allowing for maximum biological activity while removing the problem of independent settling.

All septic tanks are constructed using high strength 40 MPA Sulphate Resistance concrete with steel reinforcements. In addition, all tanks are accompanied by a 20-year conditional warranty.