AWSum Pro

The AWSum PRO tool is a free computer program that we provide to our contractors, allowing you to easily manipulate design parameters within the current Alberta (PSDS) Private Sewage Disposal System regulations. The program is not a design tool, it only helps with interpreting the data collected by a professional system designer.

By simply inputting the necessary data, you can determine the type of system you need, the size of the system, and manipulate options to optimize system efficiencies. AWSum PRO will recommend the ideal tank size for your project from the AWS catalogue, and will help define pump curves for the most effective choice. When all inputs have been entered, the system will print out the necessary documents and calculation sheets to submit with the permit application.

With AWSum PRO, the designer can alter one or two variables, and fine-tune the design to create the best solution for budget and performance.

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--- Disclaimer ---
This program is only intended as a calculation tool, and by its use Alberta Wilbert Sales Ltd. assumes no liability for system performance. The responsibility of system performance will lie with the system designer. By downloading this program, you are agreeing that this tool is for calculation purposes only and AWS is NOT liable for system performance.